Hey, I'm Alex! I'm the co-founder & ceo of Omni — we help people do 10x more in the same amount of time 🔥. Our technology lives in your web browser and can automate any repetitive task - think about what this means for people in sales, recruiting, finance, marketing, accounting, operations, hr, etc. We're on a mission to enable people to work as fast as they can think, and we're looking for all-stars to join our early team!! 🤩


This is what our zoom chat looks like when we do customer demos 😆 🤖

What are we working on?

We’ve spent the last 2 years developing this very new technology. The result is a complete paradigm shift for how we approach getting work done.

We launched our first version in March of this year and are blown away by the results from our initial customers. They are currently automating everything from prospecting for new customers, qualifying leads, streamlining customer service, recruiting, operations, and a number of other necessary but low-skill tasks. Imagine an AI that lived in your computer and could learn how to do all these tasks for you!

Along the way, we raised money from some of Silicon Valley’s top Seed investors like Homebrew and Fuel, as well as the awesome founders of Carta, Flexport, Airtable, Lattice, Behance, NerdWallet, WePay, and others who believe in this revolution. We’re going to fundamentally change the way people interact with computers and unlock their full potential. If you’re super passionate about building something transformative and our mission resonates with you, we’d love to hear from you!

Why are we doing this?

My first job out of college was a sales rep. I absolutely loved the moments where I got to work with potential customers to understand their problems and figure out if we could help. Super engaging mentally and very rewarding. However, in reality I spent the majority of each day on my computer prospecting for new contacts, updating our CRM system, editing spreadsheets, and a myriad of other administrative tasks. I'd come home most days tired with my eyes glossed over after hours of low-skill super boring work.

All those things needed to get done, but it wasn’t something that actually leveraged my brain for what it’s uniquely capable of doing; thinking and problem-solving. It felt so crazy inefficient! For each hour I'd spend on cognitive, engaging, satisfying work, I'd have to spend multiple hours on these low-skill repetitive tasks. I quickly realized it wasn't just me or even the other sales reps! This was the status quo for how 100s of MILLIONS of people spend hours and hours each day - clicking, copying, pasting, typing. 🤯

Why hasn’t the way we leverage our computers evolved? If we break it down, there are two parts to getting something done - first, you have to think and make a decision, and then you need to actually execute it (aka the clicks, copy/pasting, and typing required to complete the task). The former is what makes us human 🙌. The latter is the whole reason we invented technology 🤖. Why can’t your computer remember how to do things for you and then automate it in the background whenever you need it next?

Open Positions

Below is the list of people we actively need to join our team. But more than anything, we care about fit. If you're a truly exceptional, passionate, and motivated human but don't feel like any of the below roles describe you, reach out to [email protected] and let us know why!



Who are we?